• Hassan Hassan

    Hassan Hassan

  • Melissa Ingaruca Moreno

    Melissa Ingaruca Moreno

    System thinker. Sustainability strategist. Storyteller. Community builder.

  • Chris Woebken

    Chris Woebken

  • Temboo


    The only #nocode platform for environmental engagement. Get free local #airquality reports each morning from The Daily Breather x Temboo: https://bit.ly/3d6p8A8

  • YKY


  • Zef Egan

    Zef Egan

  • Simone Back Prochnow

    Simone Back Prochnow

    Nature addicted architect. Researcher of the 4N — FOURTH NATURE Concept.

  • C I t y D o m

    C I t y D o m

    The CityDom project aims are to interconnect everyone and everything around each of us within the area we living and make that area a better place to live in.

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