By Max Scott and Veronica Olivotto

By Max Scott and Veronica Olivotto

Part 1 of provided an overview of how community land trusts (CLTs) work, how they can promote not just housing and working space affordability but also energy efficiency, flood resilience, food sovereignty, and the history of how the Western Queens Community Land Trust (WQCLT) was created.

Part 2 will provide an in-depth analysis of the WQCLT’s main project: the Department of Education (DoE) building and surrounding public land in Long Island City (LIC), Queens. This piece…

By Sarah Jane McIntyre

“I couldn’t make the work without seeing the crisis of biodiversity loss or climate change and therefore the climate crisis is an intrinsic part of the work...It has shaped, formed and defined the work I’m doing right now.” — Clare Celeste Börsch

Photo Credit: Clare Boersh

By Dewi Tan and Sebastián Cole Galvan

Against the burning moonlight, the mellow sun casts a gentle shadow in comparison. Here time burns like fire yet neither the future nor the past exists, for all is visible, within and beyond contemplation is in the present. Instead of seasons where flowers and fauna bloom and hide in disarray, the climate here has reached equilibrium. A giant remote-controlled cloud looms, serving as a metaphorical overhanging to a subdued society. The lines between the “indoors” and “outdoors” are nothing but an imaginary exercise, a mere spectacle of what the past once was…

Layer 1: A World Balanced by Paradoxes

by Yanyan Zhang

By Michelle Frank

Courtesy of Dr. Nadkarni

By Michelle Frank

“There is, on average, a correctional institution within 20 miles from all academic institutions.

This means there is potential to enact a STEM program regardless of wherever a scientist is based.”

Nalini Nadkarni [1]

Sybil Gotsh (Courtesy of Dr. Nadkarni)

By Rory Curtin

By Noemi Florea

By Anna Gelb and Zef Egan

Woodbine has started a seed library, open to all. We are building a collection of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seeds, which you can view here.

Anna and Hester Field Questions (Photos by Daniel Horowitz)

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